Blockchain Technology


Technology and Sustainability


MDMCOIN is a Blockchain project created by global developers with a focus on technology accessibility for all humanity. 

The MDMCOIN Blockchain enables the integration of millions of projects in its decentralized structure, having as one of its main focuses the integration between products and services of oceanic origin in the most simplified and accessible way for anyone in the world.


The MDMCOIN Blockchain has its technological base in the WAVES Protocol, having as main characteristics the following points.

  • Leased Proof of Stake (1000 MDM)
  • tokens
    • Smart Assets
  • dApps and Smart Accounts


With MDMCOIN BlockChain it is possible to easily create tokens safely and quickly. Access the link below to be able to integrate your projects to our Blockchain.


MDMCOIN has in its BlockChain the LPoS protocol that allows any MDMCOIN holder to have income based on all transactions carried out through its BlockChain through the (Leasing) process.

From 1000 MDMCoins it is already possible to obtain constant income in your portfolio linked to a portfolio of one NODE Generator or Validator.

Web wallets

Access our online and decentralized wallet to which you have access to your private keys and ensure full decentralization and control over your assets.


MDMCOIN has an exclusive explorer that allows access to all transactions carried out on our blockchain.

Open code

Get access to all our codes through the platform GITHUB and create your integrations with our BlockChain..

Public Data

MDMCOIN has the application DATA SERVICE created to interact with information from our BlockChain, enabling developers to create applications.

Technical Data MDMcoin (MDM)

  • Maximum Amount of Coins: 2,100,000,000 (Two Billion and One Hundred Million) (Constant Generation)
  • Quantity in Circulation: Click here
  • Pre-Mined Quantity: 210,000,000 (Two Hundred and Ten Million)
  • Average Block Time: 60 Seconds
  • Minimum block time: 2 seconds
  • Average reward per block: 6 MDM
  • fees
    • Shipping Transaction: 0.001 MDM
    • Token Creation: 1 MDM
    • Creation of NFTs: 0.1 MDM
  • Algorithm: Leased Proof of Stake (LPoS)

Distribution of Coins

  • 60 % (IEO - Exchanges)
  • 20% - Reserve Blocked by (3 Years) (10/23/2025)
  • 10% - Development Team
  • 5% - Distribution with the Community 
  • 2.5% – Listing in Exchanges
  • 2.5% - Advertising




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